BBA 2019 Marketing Survey

Hi There!

We really appreciate you taking the time to give us some input on the future marketing and promotion of Bernal businesses within the neighborhood and beyond.

We are fast coming up on our 10th Annual Holiday Stroll, and as much as the Strolls have been a great tradition that we have built over the past ten years, we all know how our businesses have been impacted by the shifting and evolving economy in that time, and we believe we need more.

So, we want to crowdsource YOUR ideas for marketing Bernal businesses through the remainder of 2019 and beyond.

We are looking for great ways to market our members along the Cortland Corridor, so no ideas are out of bounds here. In fact, the bigger the better—as we like a good challenge 🙂

Fill out the briefest information about yourself so we know who the ideas came from, and then let your fingers do the talking. We are asking for at least one BIG idea and have given you space for up to three. There is a 1000 character limit for each text box so please be concise.

We are looking forward to reading through all of the ideas we receive and reporting back to you on what you all shared with us.

Thanks again

Laurie, Darcy, Arno & Lynn
The Organizing Posse

  • Just in case we need to clarify anything with you 🙂

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