BBA Map and Guide to Bernal Heights (2018 Ed.)

Our goal is to have a 2nd edition of the Map published in time for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Stroll.

We have set up this page so that you can see the first edition and understand where your listing is shown on the map if you are a member as well as have an idea of the advertising space that we make available for purchase.

Map & Member Directory

All current members will be listed on the map, both on the street map and in the directory to the right of the street map.

If you have a store-front, your physical location will be shown on the street map using your directory number, and your street address will be shown in the directory.

If you are a home-based business your location is shown in the general area at the top left corner of the street map labeled Home Businesses. Instead of a physical address in the directory, we’ll show your website address. This is done to protect your privacy.

All directory entries have single line (approx 60 characters) of descriptive text.

NOTE: Click on the map image to open up a lightbox where you can see more detail.

Sponsored Advertising Spots

The basic unit of advertising space is approximately the size of a standard business card. Examples of this size ad space include: 12 Small Things, The New Wheel, Bernal Homeopathy, East West.

You can see in the 2016 edition that quite a few folks sponsored double sized ad spaces, including both storefronts (e.g. Good Life, Heartfelt, Succulence) and home-based businesses (Recycled Glassworks).

The orientation of the ads changes between the top and bottom of the map due to the way the map is folded.

We have approximately 38 single units of advertising space and they will be sold only to members on a first come first served basis. So you MUST be a member in order to sponsor an ad space.

The cost of advertising in 2016 was $100 for a single space and $200 for a double space. We have not yet made a decision on pricing for 2018.
We are in the planning stages right now and are not yet selling advertising spots, however, YOU can make sure that you get your spot on the map by joining the BBA for 2018 and that will guarantee your entry on the street map and in the business directory.

We’d also like to gauge interest in advertising spaces, so if you think you like to purchase an ad space on the 2018 edition of the map please fill out the incredibly short form below.

Thanks 🙂
The Organizing Posse

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