Sponsor Your Ad Space on the BBA Map

If you’ve been reading the notes from our monthly meetings recently or you stopped by the BBA table at the Summer Stroll back in June, you’ll have noticed that we have been talking A LOT about the BBA Bernal Business Map.

We’ve sent you mock-up’s of the Map and even asked if you were interested in sponsoring an ad-space 🙂

Now we have our final draft layout all ready to go and it’s time to get our sponsors on board. We can then finalize the Map for printing and have it released in the Fall.

If we had you at Hello, CLICK HERE to go straight to the sign-up form and make your payment!

What is the BBA Bernal Business Map?

We’ve been harboring the idea of creating a new edition of our printed business directory ever since the last edition disappeared from our shelves over 4 years ago.

We are happy to have many new business neighbors and also sad that some folks have had to close-up shop. And we decided: it’s time for a new Business Directory.

And of course being Bernal Heights—we like to do it our way!

All credit goes to Darcy for championing our new style directory in the form of a vintage fold-out map from the 1950s.

You can see drafts of both the front and back of the Map to the right and below.

BACK of the BBA Map

FRONT of the BBA Map

On the back of the Map will be an actual map of Bernal accompanied by a Business Directory, which lists basic information about all of our BBA Members by category.

It will also include public service information. The Directory has a key that shows where the businesses and public services are located in Bernal.

The front of the map has space for the cover and welcome letter as well as 9 panels that can each contain up to 4 advertising spaces in 2 different sizes: Single (3.75″ x 2.125″) and Double (3.75″ x 4.25″).

PLEASE NOTE: The graphic above shows 2 full-panel spots. We have decided NOT to offer these spots so that we can accommodate as many BBA Members as possible.

These are the Ad spaces that we are offering to our Members.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

We have tried to anticipate all of the questions you might have before committing your marketing dollars to our project.

Just click on any of the questions below to see the answer.

And if you don’t see your question then email us via bba “at” bernalbusiness.org and we’ll get back to you with an answer, usually within 24-48 hours.

But don’t delay. We expect all of the available ad-spaces to be snapped up really quickly!

Will the map only show BBA member businesses?

Yes. If you are a 2016 member of the BBA your business will automatically be included on the back of the map.

Your business information will be listed within a single category in the directory to the right of the map itself. There will also be a numbered key that identifies where on the street map your business is located.

Store-front businesses are shown at their approximate geographic location along Cortland Avenure.

Home-based businesses have their own area located at the top left of the map. We decided, for security reasons, to NOT include a physical location for home-based businesses.

How much do the Ad spaces cost?

There are 2 sizes of Ad space available for sponsorship:

  • 3.75 inches x 2.125 inches (single size) costs $100
  • 3.75 inches x 4.25 inches (double size) costs $200

As a rule-of-thumb guide, each single size Ad space is approximately the size of a standard business card.

What’s the difference between being on the map and sponsoring an Ad space?

As a 2016 member, your business information will be listed within a single category in the directory on the back of the Map, to the right of the green map area. There will also be a numbered key that identifies where on the street map your business is located.

As an Ad sponser you will have a business-card size branded space to advertise your business on the front of the Map.

If I'm already a member of the BBA why do I have to pay extra for an Ad space?

All 2016 paid-up BBA members will be listed on the back of the map as part of their membership.

We are selling additional Ad spaces on the front of the map to cover the cost of designing and producing the map. We have priced the Ad spaces so that the money raised will be enough to cover design costs plus an initial print run of 2000 copies.

What information do you need from me for an Ad space?

All the information we need from you is shown on the form at the bottom of this page. Just scroll down and you can see the information we are asking for.

How will my logo show up in the Ad space?

However you want it to!

You have complete control over the artwork you send to us. The only design rules you MUST follow are:

  • 4 color CMYK
  • JPG or PDF format
  • 300 dpi
  • size MUST match your purchased Ad space

NOTE: If none of this makes any sense to you, we recommend that you work with a designer to create your artwork.

If you have artwork already, you can attach it to the form below. If you need to prepare your artwork please email it to us via bba “at” bernalbusiness.org no later than Friday October 14th 2016.

Can I sponsor an Ad space if I am not a BBA Member?

We will be offering Ad spaces to current 2016 members on a first-come first-served basis. If we have any spaces left after approaching current members, these will be offered to businesses who are on our mailing list and have a presence within the bounds of Bernal Heights.

If you haven’t joined the BBA for 2016 yet AND you want to be listed on the map you can pay your dues using the form below. You don’t have to sponsor an Ad space—joining the BBA is enough to get you a listing.

However, you can also sign-up to sponsor an Ad space at the same time. We wanted to make it super-convenient for you 🙂

Can I have some maps to display in my store?

Of course!

As soon as the first run of maps has been printed, we will let everyone on our mailing list know where and when you’ll be able to pick up copies of the map.

Where will the maps get distributed to?

Our plan is to distribute maps to the following people in the order shown:

  • BBA businesses
  • Tourist Information Centers
  • Airbnb Owners
  • Local hotels, B&Bs, etc.

Ready to sponsor an Ad space?

Then all you have to do is complete the form below. And remember you have the following options.

For existing 2016 members:

  1. Sponsor a single (3.75″ x 2.125″) Ad space ($100), OR
  2. Sponsor a double (3.75″ x 4.25″) Ad space ($200)

For non-members:

  1. Pay your 2016 dues ($50) and sponsor a single (3.75″ x 2.125″) Ad space ($100), OR
  2. Pay your 2016 dues ($50) and sponsor a double (3.75″ x 4.25″) Ad space ($200), OR
  3. Just pay your 2016 dues ($50) to get your listing in the Map directory

Sponsor an Ad Space on the BBA Map

PLEASE NOTE: All of our ad-spaces have now been sponsored by BBA Members and we are no longer accepting applications.