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  • Vote for Your Favorite Marketing Ideas

    Below is a categorized list of all the ideas that came out of our Marketing Mixer held back in July.

    Now we need your input to help us select just 2-3 projects that we can implement by the end of the year

    Please select ideas that you would be willing to volunteer/invest some time and energy bringing to life.

    NOTE: You can select up to 3 ideas
    Once you have made your 3 selections, you will not be able to select any more. If you change your mind, just deselect one of your choices and you'll be able to make another.

  • This category includes ideas that would be implemented either via our website ( or our mailing list
  • This category includes ideas that involve reaching out to our BBA Member Community, the wider business community and residents of Bernal, and beyond.
  • This category covers ideas for creating events along Cortland corridor and the wider Bernal area with the aim of bringing more people to the neighborhood to shop
  • This category covers ideas for getting the latest edition of our Map & Guide to Bernal Heights into as many hands as possible
  • These ideas appear to defy categorization!
  • This category covers all ideas to do with advertising that will require payment to a 3rd Party
  • This category covers ideas about using review sites to attract more visitors to Bernal and the Cortland Corridor
  • This category covers ideas on more effective social media use
  • This category includes ideas for making and spreading video content

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